Welcome, welcome, thrice welcome to a very small section of BSoMT where the occasional game that has caught the solo players eye will be revealed to the world…games that are, in fact….are you ready, now?…ar not a solo game, nor do they have a solo variant. Please feel free to sit down and regain your composure.

Obviously I cannot let a designer go without at least considering solo play so these little gems may yet offer up something to appeal to the budding soloist.


1 Masters of Gettown 

0EE11066-8B71-476C-BDCE-DC2267FE04D0In a world where humanity has fled from a dying solar system and colonised an alien planet, there is only one fast way to untold fame and riches. Each year, the mega city of Gettown plays host to a gladiatorial arena match that will determine who becomes its ruler.

Combatants with powerful abilities and high tech weaponry, fight to the death to win wealth, fame and, the ultimate position of Master of Gettown. By Earth to Games #1std…of Full Dice Contact and Arena Dice Combat (Gettown)

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