What a delight to see you here….and so unexpected…now I think it is time for a serious note here on BSoMT. Welcome to the inaugural Poll Dance and our survey says…. this will become a weekly feature so remember to pop back!…weekly…or as often as you like (there is plenty for the soloist gamer here about on BSoMT.

  • #1poll…26th January 2018 – 3 polls to tax your grey matter this week

The winner from each poll will be awarded the prestigious (and purely fictitious) BSoMT embossed 130 sided die at the launch of next week’s poll. Be sure to return to discover who was victorious and who was vanquished.

  • #2poll…here is the link to This weeks exciting poll and the results of last weeks poll #2poll…01/02/2018


  • #3poll…(coming next week 08/01/2018)



below is the inaugural poll (now no longer live)







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