This is a section of Podcsats that BSoMT suggests might tickle your aural senses. A varied but most excellent selection that are highly recommended and all well worth a listen.

5A0C56D5-A33C-4EDE-AD09-CBC9ED56B1DC Board Chitless

BSoMT link Board Chitless

E97CF076-4C49-403C-B57A-5F2122664585 We’re Not Wizards

BSoMT link We’re Not Wizards

2D6BA5A2-0CE0-464C-AB26-8F1B88020CF6 Boardgames in Bed

BSoMT link Board Games in Bed

F7613966-C97C-48CF-8DFD-0BAC15F5CA3F Unlucky Frog Gaming

BSoMT link Unlucky Frog Games

32C0C2B6-A162-4959-9CAD-6D05BE156161 Low Player Count

BSoMT link Low Player Count

28A51087-F0BD-406D-921A-5AA04B5441F0 Offline Gamer Podcast

BSoMT link Offline Gamer Podcast

58160D43-48FA-4D44-B1AC-8D5115C213BC Once Upon A Die podcast

BSoMT link Once Upon A Die Podcast

509D3321-AB99-4B84-8E48-56FB6B50779F Pretending With Dice D&D5e podcast

BSoMT link Pretending with Dice (D&D5e) podcast

0EA439AD-E34C-4A2C-8501-283A405CB46C Greatway Games

BSoMT link Greatway Games podcast

AF471CD3-38A9-4ADA-90D4-122A20AB3CED CoOp Cast  all things boardgamey & cooperative

BSoMT link CoOp Cast

09F7C822-DA65-4144-8451-A75EC7E2232C Boardgame Blitz

BSoMT link Board Game Blitz

F30D0C44-6A23-4D91-A8ED-62151F6BE5901Player Podcast

BSoMT link 1 Player Podcast

656E833C-12CA-4B67-9F4C-8EBB43FCFD35 Staying In 

BSoMT link Staying In

FCBB4143-0B33-46DE-86E3-C93136311CA8 Solosaurus Podcast

BSoMT link Solosaurus

373FC9C2-806A-4445-8756-192932FF4BA7 The Cardboard Herald podcast

BSoMT link The Cardboard Herald

F7149C55-36A1-4358-B779-0E7A5DC4F214 Harold on Games (Harold Buchanon)

BSoMT link Harold on Games