This little section is  dedicated to all things boardgamey and  multi-player that can be accessible to the solitaire gamer

1. Gloom of Kilforth by Hall or Nothing Productions- A solitary backpacking holiday in Kilforth. The Gloom of Kilforth by Hall or Nothing Productions #1 …of Doom and Gloom

2. Tau Ceti by Outer Limit Games- Flying solo in deepest deep space. Tau Ceti by Outer Limit Games #2 …of Vacuums and Voids

3. Liberty or Death by GMt Games- A solitary trip to the US back in 17 hundresd and frozen stiff. Loberty or Death by GMT Games #3 …of Liberty, Death and Colonial Insurrection

4. Tuscany by Stegmaier Games- One man’s attempt to crush a grape. Tuscany by Stonemaier games #4 …of Grapes and Cheese (oh, and cows)

5. Labyrinth The Awakening by GMT games–  A solitary, and very sandy, wandering around the middle East. Labyrinth The Awakening by GMT Games #5…of sand-dune dreams and Jihadist Regimes

6. The Exiled:Siege by Mateusz Albricht– A single handed experiment in wall building and land invading. The Exiled: Seige by Mateusz Albricht #6…of Monstrous Calls and Fortified Walls

7. Runebound Unbreakable Bonds by Fantsy Flight Games- Arachnophobes beware. Wandering alone in Terranoth is not advised unless armed with a foil coated cardboard bastard sword. By Fantasy Flight Games #7…of Sticky Spider Webs and Dreaded Champion Undeads

8.  The Witcher by Fantsy Flight Games- Itchy wool does not make for the best armour. See how solo adventuring in the land of the Witcher fairs #8…of Woollen Vests and Heroic Quests

9. Mage Knight by Wizkids/Neca One man/woman/green crocodile looking thing with wings do battle against wandering orcs and nasty wizards in nasty towers by Wizkid Games #9…of Wizard Towers and Orkish Arrers!

10. Rise to Nobility by Final Frontier Games- Upstarts thinking they are noble. This is one persons solitary quest to build social standing and be come a recognised noble in the Five Realms.  By Final Frontier Games #10…of Rising Nobs and Surprising Nobility

11. Donning The Purple by Rompet Games- Wearing a toga side saddle, this is a singlehanded effort to drag the crumbling Roman empire out of the gutter and into world domination. By Tompet Games  #11…of Harvesting Grain and Backstabbing Pain

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