This little section of BSoMT is  dedicated to all things boardgamey and  multi-playerey…games that can be accessible to the solitaire gamer to give us the same experience (or perhaps not) as multiplayer gamers get.

1. 50C8B545-EE4F-4C0E-9A0C-AB95E25EEAAAGloom of Kilforth by Hall or Nothing Productions- A solitary backpacking holiday in Kilforth.  #1 …of Doom and Gloom



A15ADB43-8D47-4803-B30C-BA39895FEB082. Tau Ceti by Outer Limit Games- Flying solo in deepest deep space. Tau Ceti by Outer Limit Games    #2 …of Vacuums and Voids (Tau Ceti)           



C4393F62-E6B5-4C70-A9DF-7D843FC8B7AF3. Liberty or Death by GMt Games- A solitary trip to the US back in 17 hundresd and frozen stiff.  #3 …of Liberty, Death and Colonial Insurrection



CE76D757-40EF-4CFE-8D21-7448FDDCAE354. Tuscany by Stegmaier Games- One man’s attempt to crush a grape. #4 …of Grapes and Cheese (oh, and cows)



CC8C4DF1-7C61-43CB-929D-B650300070FE5. Labyrinth The Awakening by GMT games–  A solitary, and very sandy, wandering around the middle East.  #5…of sand-dune dreams and Jihadist Regimes



B55E5DF9-E3AF-480C-BFCB-97729A9328506. The Exiled:Siege by Mateusz Albricht– A single handed experiment in wall building and land invading.  #6…of Monstrous Calls andFortified Walls



E05675AE-0CF6-47D1-AD58-B81549D203757. Runebound Unbreakable Bonds by Fantsy Flight Games- Arachnophobes beware. Wandering alone in Terranoth is not advised unless armed with a foil coated cardboard bastard sword.  #7…of Sticky Spider Webs and Dreaded Champion


FFE18DB1-2D76-4ED9-BB2F-128914ED6EF18.  The Witcher by Fantsy Flight Games- Itchy wool does not make for the best armor. See how solo adventuring in the land of the Witcher fairs #8…of Woollen Vests and Heroic Quests



CCF15132-7546-4FDC-9FB6-0D218FAF2F459. Mage Knight by Wizkids/Neca One man/woman/green crocodile looking thing with wings do battle against wandering orcs and nasty wizards in nasty towers  #9…of Wizard Towers and Orkish Arrers!


CC5C142A-45B9-4759-93B3-54D1F532574610. Rise to Nobility by Final Frontier Games- Upstarts thinking they are noble. This is one persons solitary quest to build social standing and be come a recognized noble in the Five Realms.   #10…of Rising Nobs and Surprising Nobility



11. Donning The Purple by Tompet Games- Wearing a toga side saddle, this is a single handed effort to drag the crumbling Roman empire out of the gutter and into world domination.   #11…of Harvesting Grain and Backstabbing Pain


35C94BD6-0808-4C80-8D54-8B8F4D9C53C412. Barbarians: The Invasion by  Tabula Games- skimpy little undergarments have no place here for macho-invasion style, hand woven woolen vests and reinforced  leather shin protectors…this is one Barbarian’s quest for glory, land and wealth.#12…of Invasive Barbarians and Powerhungry Finians (Barbarians The Invasion)



13. Darien Apocalypse by Ragnar Brothers Games A tense battle of wits against the elements and four grizzly chaps on great big horses, wreaking their chaos throughout the four corners of Scotland and the Caribbean #13…of Scottish Trade Ships & Quantum Apocalypse.



2E13B712-114C-4749-9E2C-AE03936C0B3F14. Zombie Doctor by Colin Hutton & Gimme Games Amputation has never been so needed…limb exchange is in great demand on the black market. All in a days work at the North General Hospital during the zombie apocalypse #14…of Viral Spread and Limbs Undead (Zombie Doctor)


C473D974-F3D7-4410-A0ED-0B33C274CF6F15. Carcosa by One Free Elephant Itchy Ritualistic Robes, Occultist ways, Investigating meddlers and Scholarly research. All are irritating. All are under foot and all are knocking about in a solitary game of raising an Elder God. #15…of Cultist Tiles and Occultist Wiles (Carcosa)

E65D2A71-E0E6-45E4-BEA9-85D71992EACB16. Carthage by SAS Creative Blood, sweat, pointy spears and full on shin protectors. This can only mean one thing. One man stood alone in the centre of the great arena, victor, champion, GLADIATOR!  #16…of Sharpened Spears and Bloody Charioteers (Carthage)


CF98A85E-B38F-4D36-9B4C-BDBA5CA0D7A317. Roll Player Monsters and Minions by Thunderworks Games. One man’s epic journey of fantasy hero character development and minion thumping #17…of Monstrous Opinions and Rolling Minions (Roll Player Monsters & Minions)


71A13C49-D73E-4D5B-B64A-08607EA602E418. Dwar7s Winter by Vesuvius Media. Short legs in deep winter drifts can only mean one thing…frozen snow balls #18…of Short Legged Frosts and Frozen Castles Lost (Dwar7s Winter)


Image result for 1066 game box 19. 1066 Tears to Many Mothers by Hall or Nothing Productions. Anglo-French relations could not be more tense…and Harold has his eye on keeping England under Saxon banners #19…of Warhorse Normans and Shield Wall Saxons (1066)

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