BSoMT is passionate about boardgames and always happy, if game designers/ creators/ publishers so wish to consider BSoMT for any reviewing, previewing, Kickstarter reviews, playtesting or dissecting of any tabletop board/card game that is…or, indeed, are…

  • a multi-player game with a good solo variant
  • Co-operative games (especially with adaptations to improve solo play)
  • or games aimed purely at solitaire gamers.
  • …or in fact any board or card game for that matter!

…there will Alwas be an honest opinion given, if occasionally delivered in a less than conventional manner but always constructive with criticism.

BSoMT can always be reached by e-mail on or via direct message on Twitter and via the BSoMT facebook page


If you would like to help support the BSoMT website, please feel free to buy me a coffee at
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A ginormous thanks in advance!


2 thoughts on “Previews, Reviews, Contact & My Views

  1. Hi there, I have an idea to change a bit of wording.

    “Communal Solitaire” instead of “Cooperatively Solitaire” is shorter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the suggestion…I see what you are saying but my initial idea was that Cooperatively Solitaire was set up to look at cooperative games and how well they work with just one solitaire player operating all components…or those coops games that alter game play for one …


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