BSoMT is passionate about boardgames and always happy, if game designers/ creators/ publishers so wish to consider BSoMT for any reviewing, previewing, Kickstarter reviews, playtesting or dissecting of any tabletop board/card game that is…or, indeed, are…

  • a multi-player game with a good solo variant
  • Co-operative games (especially with adaptations to improve solo play)
  • or games aimed purely at solitaire gamers.
  • …or in fact any board or card game for that matter!

…there will Alwas be an honest opinion given, if occasionally delivered in a less than conventional manner but always constructive with criticism.

BSoMT can always be reached by e-mail on or via direct message on Twitter


If you would like to help support the BSoMT website, please feel free to buy me a coffee at
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A ginormous thanks in advance!


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