It’s been some twenty eight years since my Dungeons and Dragons days and high time I revisited my Volleyball team D&D days and have a look at such games again…have things advanced any in those quick decades?

Press play for a dungeonesque ambience to accompany you as you peruse what is to come

…but how can I? Solitaire gamer and all. I’ve no gang of plucky adventurers to go forth in to a world of my own creation…nor do I have a DM or GM to guide me on my own adventures. Woe is me it would seem!

But all hope is not lost for those solitary explorers of role play-ness. I thought I would add a new section to BSoMT that would focus on all things role play in a solo-ish fashion. Great expenditure of time will be required on my part but a sacrifice I am willing to make…the hard-core roleplayers out there will no doubt stand agog, horrified at what I cover and what I think of the genre, but by its very nature RPG is not solo friendly. As such I am attempting to discover, firstly what might be available for the soloist gamer, but secondly, and as a complete outsider to the genre not having played D&D since the late 1980’s, i intend to look at this more as a gateway experience…especially as there may be a goodly number of solo gamers amongst you looking to try out RPG but as they, like I, Have noe access to gaming groups, might fancy taking a tentative delve i to roleplay, dungeon exploration and general dragon mayhem.

WARNING! This may involve the use of compulsory silly voices and fictitious costume wearing to help me “get into character” as I fully immerse myself in a solitary wandering through strange lands…

This home page will firstly index links to all the solitaire/solo-playable games I review in the  RPG genre and secondly list an invaluable wealth of links to a range of rather entertaining podcatsts and Twitch TV presentations.


  • Solo Role play:


A pencil and paper dungeon exploring role-play game by Martin Knight ©2017

(Link coming late September 2018)



2) Expedition: The Roleplaying Game      

Aplaying card and digital app solo role-play adventure in a box © 2015-2017 Fabricate

(Link coming late September/early October 2018)



3) Swordplay

A free introduction to the Gaming System used by THW Game Design and Two Hour Wargames.
Scale: Man-to-man sword and sorcery combat where 1 figure or counter equals 1 man or creature.
Player’s Role: lead a small group of 1 to 5 adventurers in a series of
stories/scenarios where no two games ever play out exactly alike.
Playability: Designed with the solo gamer in mind, all THW games can also be played with all players on the same side or head to head.  Swordplay is about combat with sword, spell and shield. Swordplay gives you a chance to try out THW game mechanics, before trying one of our period specific games.

(link coming mid/late October 208)



4) Paths: World of Adia

Whether you are playing alone in a solo adventure or with a group of friends what matters most is the decision you make. Your decision adds to and changes the course of the narrative giving new life to the page. In Paths: World of Adia you create a character that will be your window into the world of magic. This character is controlled by you and is your own special addition to the world presented. It is up to you whether or not they live to become legends or are lost to the whispers of tales once told.

Pen and Paper roleplay by Smunchy Games

(Link coming early January 2019)



5) Solo Adventurer’s Tool Box

This book was written with the intention of providing a comprehensive method for playing D&D without a dungeon master.
Some might argue this goes against the spirit of the game. I strongly disagree. Some of the first D&D products came with solo adventures included, to help beginning players learn the basics of the game. So that’s one use for a solo adventure. Another is that not all players can find a game. Some may live in a remote town where they are the only person interested in D&D, or they may simply not know how to go about joining a group. Also, there are many long￾suffering Dungeon Masters who seem to always be the ones putting their hands up to run the game. This book was written for them, probably more than anyone else!

Solo Toolbox to be used with D&D by Paul Bimler

(Link coming mid December 2018)


6) Gladus Hereticus

Gladus Hereticus is a dungeon crawler that uses a deck of standard playing cards to generate areas, encounters, and for resolving attacks and making checks. This game is in the style of
Roguelikes: Highly lethal, highly randomized lots of combat. This game requires a pack of regular playing cards (52 cards + 2 Jokers), with 4 suits ranging from 2 – Ace. Ace is considered high in these rules, and Joker is considered the highest card. You will also need some paper and a pen, and some dice to keep track of monster health are useful, but not necessery.

By Tom Jensen

(not strictly roleplay but still sharing similar essence of may titles in the RPG genre and is, of course, for one player)

(Link to Gladus Hereticus)


Below you will find a selection of most excellent podcsts, Twitch/youtube podcasts and sites of roleplay interest. I hope this proves to be a useful list..

  • RPG Podcasts:

Here I will endevour to bring links to some of the wide variety of Role aplay, D&D adventuring podscasts out there in the digital aether.


<>  <>  <>


<>  <>  <>


<>  <>  <>


<>  <>  <>


<>  <>  <>


<>  <>  <>


<>  <>  <>


<>  <>  <>


<>  <>  <>


<>  <>  <>


<>  <>  <>



  • Twitchcast & Youtube:


<>  <>  <>


<>  <>  <>


<>  <>  <>



RPG resources


If you have any suggestions of solo based RPG’s or have one younwould like reviewed please fel free to make suggestions in the comments below or contact

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