A tiny corner of BSoMT living, breathing and looking at games aimed at purely solo players…that said, some solo games are reverse engeneering to provide multiplayer variants…but at their heart beats a solo mechanical heart.

1. One man vs Machine. *coming soon* A solo fieldtest of a Sherman Firefly.Patton’s Best” by Avilon Hill #1solo…of Turrets and Tigers

2. A summer vacation in Crete, 1941. “Crete 41 Operation Mercury” by Decision Games & World at War magazine #2solo…of Air and Sea

3. A solitary French holiday cut short by snipers. Fields of Fire” by GMT games #3solo…of Hedgerow Lanes and Orchards Flames

4. All alone 20,000 leagues under the sea.Nemo’s War” by Victory Point Games #4solo…of Sonar Pings and Warship Things

5. Washed up alone on a deserted island…just me, my dog…a horse…some bloke called Friday…a whole Botanical research team…but still, in principal it is just me Voyage of the Beagle” by Z Man Games #5solo…of Driftwood Debris and Carnivorous Topiary

6. …which bright spark decided skirts and open toed sandals would be the best military “get-up” for maintaining military rule of this gods forsaken island? Agricola master of Britain”  by Hollandspiele Games #6solo…of Sodden Legions and Tribal Rebellions

7. Now in all my days as an avid dungeon explorer I never expected to be stood on top of a piece of paper, fighting for my life against disembodied purple tentacles. What ever next? Demonic possessed snowmen? “A4 Quest” by  Paweł Niziołek #7solo…of Tentacle Nests and A4 Quests

8. …coming very soon to BSoMT…a single handed attempt to cut and past a way through to European dominance and unification “Charlemagne Master of Europe” by Hollandspiele Games #8solo…of Charlies and Franks

9. A nice leisurely cruise round the Greek islands it said on the brochure…who were they trying to fool? …so I boarded this rickety wooden ship, The Argo, with my sun hat and suitcase and not a care in the world…little did I know what was to unfold. “Argonauts” by Alcyon Creative #9solo…of Titans Bronze and Sirens’ Songs

10. Crafting from scavanged items, long since discarded in the catacomb. Having been left for dead in nought but our underware, this is a solitary adventure of revenge…payback for the deaths of our Party. UNBROKEN by Artem Safarov #10solo…of Weapon Crafting Skills and Dungeon Battle Thrills

11. Up, up and away…The freeship Swiftwing takes us high into the Aether where adventure, Pirates and the feared Revenants do fly. Aether Captains:Pirates & Traders by Todd Sanders #11solo…of Revenant Invaders and Zeppelin Traders (Aether Captains Pirates & Traders)

  1. Hidden movements of the Dark Lady perplex us and vex us…clues we need to deduce her identity Black Sonata by Jean Kean & Sideroom Games #12solo…of Scholars and Historians

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